Welcome to Transformative Touch Massage & Holistics in Fillmore, California, Ventura County.

My mission is to help my clients restore and maintain a feeling of balance and well-being.

Whether you just want to escape and help your body relax with a soothing Swedish massage, are in need of healing your body with a deep tissue massage, or silence your mind to experience: deep feelings of relaxation, inner peace, more mental clarity, and increased connection to Source, I will help meet your 'kneads'.

Massage Lotus

A Massage for Every Part of Your Life

As we speak, I will assess where and what kind of massage technique to apply that will affect the kind of results 'you' want. I may apply a combination of techniques.

Main Benefits of Massage

Less Stress.
More Playing.

Stress can cause tension in your shoulders; it can also affect your heart and your blood pressure. Working out muscle tension during a massage makes chronic pain and acute or short-term stress, much easier to let go.

Better Posture.
More Confidence.

That bad posture can quickly become a bad habit—massage loosens muscles and joints to reinforce the body's natural movements.

Increased Circulation.
More Relaxation.

Muscle tension constricts your circulation—massage helps release those chronically tense and tightened muscles to increase blood flow and help flush toxins out of your body.

Ready to feel better?

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